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Domestic Flights

Daily Flights

1100San José – Puerto Jiménez6:006:50DailyDirect
1101Puerto Jiménez – San José7:058:20DailyDirect
1130San José – Drake Bay8:309:10DailyDirect
1130San José – Puerto Jiménez8:309:40DailyDirect
1130Drake Bay – Puerto Jiménez9:259:40DailyDirect
1131Drake Bay – San José9:2510:45DailyDirect
1131Puerto Jiménez – San José9:5510:45DailyDirect
1132Drake Bay – Bocas del Toro9:2513:40Friday & SundayPuerto Jimenez/San José0:55
1134Puerto Jiménez – Bocas del Toro9:5513:40Friday & SundaySan José0:55
1410San José – Tambor8:509:20DailyDirect
1410San José – Nosara8:509:55DailyDirect
1410Tambor – Nosara9:359:55DailyDirect
1411Tambor – San José9:3510:55DailyDirect
1411Nosara – San José10:1010:55DailyDirect
1412Tambor – Bocas del Toro9:3513:40Friday & SundayNosara/San José0:45
1414Nosara – Bocas del Toro10:1013:40Friday & SundaySan José0:45
1200San José – Tortuguero9:259:55DailyDirect
1201Tortuguero – San José10:1010:40DailyDirect
1202Tortuguero – Bocas del Toro10:1013:40Friday & SundaySan José1:00
1202Tortuguero – Puerto Jiménez10:1012:05DailySan José0:35
1420San José – Tambor10:4511:15DailyDirect
1421Tambor – San José11:3012:00DailyDirect
1500San José – Bocas del Toro11:4013:40Friday & SundayDirect
1501Bocas del Toro – San José14:1014:10Friday & SundayDirect
1502Bocas del Toro – Tambor14:1016:00Friday & SundaySan José1:20
1150San José – Puerto Jiménez11:1512:05DailyDirect
1151Puerto Jiménez – San José12:2013:10DailyDirect
1153Puerto Jiménez – Tambor12:2016:00DailySan José2:20
1460San José – Tambor15:3016:00DailyDirect
1461Tambor – San José16:1516:45DailyDirect

*IMPORTANT: Aerobell Airlines flights could be changed or canceled anytime due to weather conditions or sudden closure of airports, and or, for passengers security reasons.

**IMPORTANT: Flights from and to Bocas del Toro are operated friday and sunday only