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Domestic Flights


Restrictions and Policies

  • Carry-on Baggage: Every passenger is allowed to carry one piece of carry-on baggage as long as it does not exceed 10 lbs. (4.54 kg) in weight and 33 in (84 cm) in linear dimensions (length + width + height); any baggage exceeding this weight and dimensions will be considered baggage to be checked and will be charged as excess baggage if it exceeds the allowed weight for the fare purchased by the passenger. Passengers must carry any medicine they might need during the flight in their carry-on baggage.
  • Checked Baggage: Each passenger is entitled to check one suitcase measuring up to 50 linear inches (127 centimeters) (length + width + height). Any baggage exceeding the maximum weight and size allowed will be considered and charged as additional or excess baggage; baggage weighing more than 50 pounds or larger than the size allowed will be treated as cargo and their transportation will be subject to availability.
  • Maximum baggage weight allowance per person by rate:

    Super Saver: 20 pounds
    Flexi Saver: 30 pounds
    Premium: 40 pounds

  • Excess Baggage: An additional fee will be charged for the transport of checked baggage exceeding the personal checked baggage limit, as well as for the transport of any sport equipment, musical instruments and other objects. An excess baggage fee of USD 1.00 to USD 2.00 per extra pound will be applied, depending on the rate.

  • Surf boards, sport or fishing equipment, musical instruments and other objects are subject to the room available in the aircraft. In the case of surf boards and fishing rods, they can not exceed 2 meters in length without its case. These items have a USD 30 fee per flight. However, for security or operational reasons, this kind of baggage may not be accepted for transport on the same flight as the passenger, and therefore could be sent on the next available flight under the passenger’s responsibility. In case of delayed baggage, the company’s responsibility will be to deliver the baggage at the passenger’s final destination.

  • The payment of excess baggage fees does not guarantee that the baggage will be transported on the same flight as the passenger; it could be sent on the next flight with room available. The passenger is responsible for picking up any baggage arriving after his flight.
  • Baggage Claim: Checked baggage must be claimed as soon as it is available at the destination. If it is not claimed within reasonable period of time, we may charge a storage fee. If checked baggage is not claimed within three (3) months following the moment it is made available for the passenger, we may dispose it without incurring in any liability.

    Only the person whose name appears on the baggage identification tag has the right to claim the checked baggage.

    If any person demands the checked baggage but is unable to present or identify the baggage with a baggage identification tag, we will only let any such person retrieve the baggage if he/she is able to satisfactorily prove its right to it with a letter of authorization and a copy of the corresponding identification and/or passport.

  • Aerobell Airlines does not transport dangerous goods or weapons.
  • All baggage is subject to the availability of space in the aircraft.
Checked Luggage

16kg | 35lb

Hand Luggage

4.5kg | 10lb