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If you are thinking about traveling to Costa Rica, Liberia is a perfect place to visit. Liberia is located in Northeast Costa Rica, in the province of Guanacaste and it has all the touristic attractions you can imagine. Liberia has an international and modern airport where you can take a variety of international and local flights in Costa Rica to an area with beautiful churches, an authentic colonial environment as well as a rich history and a central park. 

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Get to Know Liberia

Although Liberia is commonly used while passing through to other more touristic places such as neighboring cities and beaches with white sand, it is a great place to stay. It has a population of 55,000 Costa Ricans who call it home. You can really see how life is in Costa Rica by walking around the city and getting to know the wonderful places in Liberia. 

The popularity of Liberia is increasing due to the airport. Nowadays there are many renovations and new roads being made. There is even a shopping mall now. There are also plenty of options to taste and a variety of services that can make your visit more interesting.  Visiting Liberia will give you a glimpse into Costa Rican life. Liberia offers you great night life, restaurants and hotels. You must try the cane juice and icees offered by the locals. 

Sights to See

During the month of July, you can visit an expo that celebrates the union with Guanacaste that happened in 1824. Liberia also has the Museum of Guanacaste where you can observe the work of local and national artists about the elimination of the Costa Rican Army. This is a great place to have a cultural experience. 

Nearby Beaches and Parks

The Guanacaste beaches are also nearby. They have white sand. You can go fishing and scuba diving, too. There are National parks that you can visit as well such as Santa Rosa National Park and Rincon de la Vieja National Park. They have protected areas where you can see the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. You can go hiking and take canopy tours. They are located in Guanacaste and you can access these places through Liberia. 

Other Things to Experience in Liberia

There are many reasons to visit Costa Rica and Liberia is a good one. It is the capital city of Guanacaste. It is also known as the White City. it is surrounded by a tropical forest. If the weather allows it, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Central Valley, Golfo de Nicoya, Tempisque River, Guanacaste Flatlands, Cerros de Florida, Town of Tamarindos and Monteverde Mountains. Visit the hot springs, National Parks, NAturalist Tourism and many adventure activities. 

You can book a domestic flight from San Jose to Liberia, there is no need to spend lots of hours driving to get to this wonderful place. It only takes 40 minutes by plane. For more information about our domestic flights check out the following page: Domestic Flights. There are plenty of flights available. You can book your flight online without any trouble and get to your destination in a breeze.  



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