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Add Nosara to Your Vacation

Defined by its relaxed environment and clean beaches, Nosara is considered a most for all tourist taking the time to enjoy the beautiful places Costa Rica has to offer, Nosara is currently recognized by as the most relaxed city for everybody and even it has its own motto ¨without shoes, without, shirt, Nosara¨ which summarizes how much you have to worry about these things while you are staying in this place and to get there you can only choose the number one amongst Costa Rica airlines.

Nosara has a virgin forest and its beaches are the cleanest you can find as the locals and the government has made and effort to maintain this place in the most pristine status possible.

Flying to Nosara

Nosara is located in the canton of Nicoya in the province of Guanacaste on the pacific coast, to get there we offer a 45 minutes flight that will be a completely different experience for you as the sight is fantastic from beginning to end, you will be able to see the Gulf of Nicoya, the Tempisque River and the town of Tamarindo amongst other beautiful sight that will fill your senses with joy and will only demonstrate why Costa Rica is the best destiny for you vacations, in a few words you will fall in love.

A joy for all the senses

As we have mentioned previously Nosara has a virgin forest therefore its bio diversity is unique and this is why everybody in this city tries their best to preserve it that way, the advantage of such a well preserved environment is that you will fill your lungs with the purest air in the world as well as enjoying the clean water of its beaches that are recognized to be some of the best surf destinations world wide.

In Nosara you also will find many schools of yoga that to this day have been awarded amongst the best in this side of the world which means you will have access to a level of relaxation and conditioning that would not be possible anywhere else.

Enjoying the nature in Nosara is a most for your trip as you can choose to visit the wild life reservation of Ostional which is an effort to preserve the biodiversity, you can find yourself walking in the woods for a while and feel like you are in a different world which is what makes Nosara so unique.

The beaches in Nosara are overall beautiful and unique in its own way, each one is as beautiful as it can be in and offers the perfect waves for the surf enthusiasts.

Playa Guiones is almost 4 miles of white sands that go in straight like to reach Punta Guiones in the south.


Easy Flights

Choosing to visit Nosara is probably the best decision in your life as we have flights embarking in San Jose directly to Nosara every day, for more information contact us at

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