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Terms and Conditions

Definitions of the terms used in these Terms and Conditions.

Under these Terms and Conditions:

“We”, “our” and “us” mean Aerobell Airlines, Head Office, Hangar 17, Tobías Bolaños Palma International Airport, Pavas, San José, CostaRica.

“You”, “yours” and “your” mean any person, except for the members of the crew.

“Baggage” are personal belongings you take with you on your trip. Unless otherwise specified, it includes both your checked and unchecked baggage.

“Baggage Slip” is the ticket issued exclusively to identify Checked Baggage.

“Boarding Pass”is the document or ticket provided to you to board your flight. We have red and blue boarding passes.

“Checked Baggage” means baggage we have taken under custody and for which we have issued a Baggage Slip.

“Confirmation/Itinerary”: the “Itinerary”isthe document issued after completing the purchase, stating a “Flight Reservation Number” and showing “Status: Confirmed” and/or the document titled “Confirmation Number”, sent to the email address used to make the reservation,in both cases specifying the name/s of the passenger/s, flights, scheduled times and flight routes you have booked with us.

“Damages” means injuries or physical harm suffered by a passenger or the total or partial loss, theft or other damages caused to the Baggage as a result of or in connection with their transport or other complementary services provided by us.

“Passenger” means any person who we have agreed to transport on a flight, identified through the issuance of the Confirmation/Itinerary.

“Unchecked Baggage” means any baggage other than the checked baggage.

“Delayed Baggage” means baggage not traveling with you on the same flight and which will arrive at your destination on the following flight we may accommodate.

Article 1 – Reservations and Documentation

1.1 We offer transport services only to the Passengers whose names appear in the Confirmation/Itinerary. We will request a proof of your identity and that you comply with our regulations and documentation.

1.2 Aerobell Airlines offers customer service 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Office hours are: Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. / Saturday and Sunday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

1.3 Infant rates apply to children under 24 months old, who are not allowed to occupy a seat for security reasons. Infants shall be under 24 months old both at the time of traveling to and from their destination. This fee is non-refundable.

1.4 Reservations booking a flight operated by us are non-transferable unless, subject to our regulations, you have arranged one or more name changes with us in the Confirmation/Itinerary and you have paid the applicable rate for name changes.

1.5 Reservations booking a flight operated by us are only valid for the flight/s, date/s and route/s specified in the Confirmation/Itinerary and may not be used with any other airline. However, flights may be changed in accordance to our regulations and subject to a Flight Change Fee, plus any difference in price between the total amount paid originally and the total amount due for the new reservation that may be available from time to time.

1.6 Aerobell Airlines does not use “Vouchers”, “Coupons” and/or Itineraries as proof of reservation or payment method. Therefore, no agency may demand “Vouchers”, “Coupons” and/or “Itineraries” to prove that the service was provided.

Article 2 – Contact

2.1 Contact with Passengers will be done through email and, occasionally, text messages to their mobile number,in accordance with what may have been provided at the time of the reservation, regarding time changes, flight cancellations or general communications.

Text or email messages shall be considered delivered by the mere existence of a sent message.

2.2 If you haven’t provided a valid email address, you must recheck your flight departure and arrival times or call our call center to confirm your flight 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

2.3 Complaints and claims will be received by email at customerservice@aerobell.com.

2.4 Aerobell Airlines is located at Tobías Bolaños Palma International Airport,inPavas, San José.

Article 3 – Personal Information

3.1 You acknowledge having provided personal data for the following purposes: to make a reservation and to be provided complementary services relating to your trip. For these purposes, you authorize us to store and use this data. Your personal data will not be used with marketing purposes without your prior consent.

Article 4 – Rates and Prices

4.1 Prices only include transportation from the airport at the point of origin to the airport at the point of destination, unless otherwise specified.

4.2 Prices do not include land transportation between the airports or among the city airports and terminals.

4.3 The price to be applied corresponds to the class rates and price lists currently in force at the time of payment. Changing your itinerary or flight dates may affect the price you will have to pay.

4.4 Infants under 24 months old only pay surcharges and taxes and travel on the laps of their companion.

4.5 All of Aerobell Airlines rates are subject to changes.

Article 5 – Payment of Tickets

5.1 Every reservation must be linked to a valid payment method. If the ticket is not paid by the date indicated by the reservations agent, the system will immediately cancel it without warning or notice. Aerobell Airlines is not responsible for notifying the expiration of the time limit.

5.2 Aerobell Airlines does not accept cash as form of payment for its services. Reservations with a time limit must be paid by credit/debit card, bank deposit or wire transfer.

5.3 Exchange Rate

5.3.1 All rates are published in US Dollars. If you wish to pay in Colones, the sell (ask) exchange rate published by the Central Bank of Costa Rica for that day will be applied.

Article 6 – Body Weight Restriction

6.1 Any passenger traveling with Aerobell Airlines whose body weight exceeds 250 pounds (114 kilograms) must request an additional seat. If, at the time of making the reservation through our call center, you state that there is a passenger to which the foregoing applies and who therefore requires an additional seat, Aerobell Airlines will offer such person a 30% discount on the standard rate for the purchase of the additional seat. Under these circumstances, this rate will not generate commissions for third parties and/or travel agencies.

Article 7 – Flight Check-in

7.1 To guarantee their flight, all passengers must arrive at the counter according to the type of fare purchased:

Super Saver: Passenger must arrive 50 minutes before departure time. This fare does not have boarding priority.

Flexi Saver: Passenger must arrive 50 minutes before departure time. This fare does not have boarding priority.

Premium: Passenger must arrive 35 minutes before departure time. This fare has boarding priority.

7.2 The company will cancel any reservations and mark them as no-show when a passenger fails to present him/herself at the airline counter at the airport thirty (30) minutes prior to the flight departure time.

Article 8 – Immigration Requirements

8.1 The passenger will be requested to present an identification document as an essential requirement for boarding and for compliance with the provisions of the General Direction of Civil Aviation. For Costa Ricans, identity card is need it. Costa Rican residents must present their residence card. In the case of foreign tourists, passports are required to travel within Costa Rica. When traveling with minors, their birth certificate, minor identity card or passport must be presented.

8.2 Any passengers not complying with this requirement will not be allowed to board the aircraft and there will be o refunds, credits or possibility of boarding another flight.

Article 9 – Charges in Airports

9.1 Some of the airports where we operate our flights are private and require that the passenger pays an arrival and a departure fee. To be better prepared for your trip, remember to have the following sums in US Dollars or Colones when arriving at or departing from Arenal-La Fortuna (USD 7.00) airport.

Article 10 – Transport of Persons with Disabilities and/or Reduced Mobility

10.1 Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility will not be denied transport by reason of such disability or reduced mobility. The acceptance of transporting persons with disabilities is subject to compliance with the regulation provided under our General Operations Manual, which stipulates: “For security reasons in case of an emergency evacuation, any passenger who is unable to move by his/her own means or who requires assistance for boarding, disembarking and moving inside the aircraft must travel with an assistant”.

10.2 Transport limitations that may be applied are due to the applicable security regulations and they may be due to factors such as the type of plane and the layout of the cabin, cargo factors, number or category of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility, which should not exceed the number of passengers who would be able to assist them in case of an emergency evacuation, or any other factor or circumstance that may affect the application of the emergency procedures by the members of the crew operating the flight.

Article 11 – Special Assistance

11.1 Some passengers require special treatment, therefore, Aerobell Airlines will make its best effort to accommodate those requirements after they have been indicated at the check-in counter. An example of these cases are parents with young children/infants or passengers with restricted mobility.

11.2 Pre-boardingisfor passengers with Irazú rates and it is also designed to offer some extra time to passengers who require it when boarding. If for some reason any passenger requires assistance,it is important to notify it to the reservations staff in order to mark this in the reservation so that the airport may be informed prior to their arrival.

11.3 Folding wheelchairs will be transported without additional charges, but the reservations staff must be informed at the time of the reservation in order to make the necessary arrangements. Electric wheelchairs will not be transported because they use batteries, which are considered a dangerous item.

11.4 Guide dogs for persons with visual impairments and service dogs for persons with other disabilities will be accepted, free of any charges, by providing the appropriate documentation certifying that they are service dogs; please notify the reservations staff when making the reservation in order to make the necessary arrangements.

11.5 Aerobell Airlines does not guarantee the pre-assignment of seats on the aircraft, therefore, they will be considered as free seats. However, Aerobell Airlines reserves the right to relocate any passengers at any given time if deemed necessary, even after boarding the aircraft, whether for operational or security reasons.

11.6 Being that safety is the priority on our flights, some seats near the emergency exits are not suitable for all kinds of passengers. These seats will be assigned to passengers who will be able to assist the crew if necessary. Passengers may only occupy these seats when authorized by our staff.

Article 12 – Restricted Items

12.1 Aerobell Airlines does not transport dangerous goods on its flights, therefore, the following items may not be carried in passengers’ baggage: explosives, gases, flammable liquids or solids, oxidizing agents and organic peroxides, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, dry ice, firearms, ammunition, bacteriological materials, compressed gases,etc.

Passengers having any inquiries regarding baggage should contact a representative of Aerobell Airlines before the day of the flight.

12.1.1 Passengers are not allowed to carry the following objects neither in restricted security areas of the airport, nor in their checked or carry-on luggage.

1. Explosive and Incendiary Substances and Devices that could be used, or that seem they could be used, to cause serious injuries or to threaten the safety of the aircraft, including ammunition, primer, detonators and fuses, reproductions or imitations of explosive devices, mines, all kinds of grenades and other military explosive devices, fireworks and other pyrotechnic items, smoke flares and smoke generating cartridges, dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives.

2. Gas and Gas Tanks: sprays, spray repellents, highly flammable repellents, among others (propane, butane,etc.)

3. Flammable Liquids including gasoline, methanol, flammable solids and reactive substances such as magnesium, lighters, fireworks, flares, smoke flares and smoke- generating cartridges, other pyrotechnic items, aerosol paint, turpentine paint thinners, alcoholic beverages higher than 70% in volume (140% degrees proof). Oxidants and organic peroxides, including bleaches, bodywork repair kits. Toxic or infectious substances, including rat poison, infected blood, radioactive materials such as isotopes for medical or commercial use.

4. Corrosive Substances such as mercury, car batteries, vehicle fuel system components containing fuel, edible oil in higher volumes than 1 liter (e.g. olive oil). Electronic cigarettes. Vehicles with lithium ion batteries (including segways and hoverboards), devices with lithium ion batteries exceeding 160 watts/hour, and smart suitcases that do not allow the extraction of the lithium battery, are banned for security reasons and will not be admitted on Aerobell Airlines aircrafts.

5. Weapons and Poignant Objects: guns, firearms and weapons in general; any object which may fire, or may be caused to fire, a projectile or cause injuries, including all firearms (guns, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, etc.), reproductions and imitations of firearms, firearms parts (except for visors and telescopic sights), air guns, rifles and pellet guns. Signal guns, starter guns, all kinds of toy guns, compressed-air guns and CO2 arms such as pistols, pellet guns, rifles, ball guns, fixed projectile guns and stapler guns for industrial use, crossbows, bows, slingshots, catapults, harpoons and fishing baits, captive bolt pistols, devices to confuse or produce discharges such as paralyzing guns, stun guns, stun batons, cattle goads, conducted energy weapons (laser), lighters shaped as firearms.

6. Chemical and Toxic Substances: any chemical or toxic substances that pose a risk to the health of passengers and crew members, as well as to goods and airplane safety, such as acids and alkali (e.g. humid batteries that may suffer spills), corrosive and bleaching substances (e.g. mercury, chlorine), neutralizing or incapacitating atomizers (e.g. mace, atomizers of spicy substances, tear gases, acid sprays, animal repellent sprays), radioactive material (e.g. isotopes for medical or commercial use), poisons, infectious materials or posing a biological risk (e.g. infected blood, bacteria and viruses), materials with spontaneous flammability or combustion capacity, fire extinguishers (except for those authorized under the fire protocols and the ones in the emergency equipment of the aircraft).

7. Other: paint, piñatas, energy-efficient light bulbs, objects with internal combustion engines, including chainsaws, aeromodelling planes and loan moaners.

12.1.2 Every passenger is responsible for declaring any objects and/or dangerous materials and answering security questions during the check, pursuant to IATA international regulations, under the Regulation on Dangerous Goods (IATA Resolution 618 Annex “A”), Section 3, Classification, page 169.

Article 13 – Baggage and Objects

13.1 Carry-on Baggage: Every passenger is allowed to carry one piece of carry-on baggage as long as it does not exceed 10 lbs. (4.54 kg) in weight and 33in(84 cm) in linear dimensions (length + width + height); any baggage exceeding this weight and dimensions will be considered baggage to be checked and will be charged as excess baggage if it exceeds the allowed weight for the fare purchased by the passenger. Passengers must carry any medicine they might need during the flight in their carry-on baggage.

13.2 Checked Baggage:Each passenger is entitled to check one suitcase measuring up to 50 linear inches (127 centimeters) (length + width + height).Any baggage exceeding the maximum weight and size allowed will be considered and charged as additional or excess baggage; baggage weighing more than 50 pounds or larger than the size allowed will be treated as cargo and their transportation will be subject to availability.

13.3 Baggage Allowance: The maximum baggage weight depends of the type of fare:

Super Saver: Passenger is allowed to take 1 checked bag with a maximum weight of 20 pounds. This type of fare does not have baggage priority. Baggage subject to weight and balance of the aircraft.

Flexi Saver: Passenger is allowed to take 1 checked bag with a maximum weight of 30 pounds. This type of fare does not have baggage priority. Baggage subject to weight and balance of the aircraft.

Premium: Passenger is allowed to take 1 checked bag with a maximum weight of
40 pounds. This type of fare does have baggage priority. Baggage subject to weight and balance of the aircraft.

13.4 Excess Baggage: An additional fee will be charged for the transport of checked baggage exceeding the personal checked baggage limit, as well as for the transport of any sport equipment, musical instruments and other objects.

In any case of excess baggage, the following fees will apply:

▪ Super Saver: $1.00 per extra pound.

▪ Flexi Saver: $1.00 per extra pound.

▪ Premium: $1.00 per extra pound.

13.5 Surf boards, sport or fishing equipment, musical instruments and other objects are subject to the room available in the aircraft. These items have a USD $30.00 fee per flight. However, for security or operational reasons, this kind of baggage may not be accepted for transport on the same flight as the passenger, and therefore could be sent on the next available flight under the passenger’s responsibility. In case of delayed baggage, the company’s responsibility will be to deliver the baggage at the passenger’s final destination.

13.6 The payment of excess baggage fees does not guarantee that the baggage will be transported on the same flight as the passenger; it could be sent on the next flight with room available. The passenger is responsible for picking up any baggage arriving after his flight.

13.7 Baggage Claim: Checked baggage must be claimed as soon as it is available at the destination. If it is not claimed within reasonable period of time, we may charge a storage fee. If checked baggage is not claimed within three (3) months following the moment it is made available for the passenger, we may dispose it without incurring in any liability.

Only the person whose name appears on the baggage identification tag has the right to claim the checked baggage.

If any person demands the checked baggage but is unable to present or identify the baggage with a baggage identification tag, we will only let any such person retrieve the baggage if he/she is able to satisfactorily prove its right to it with a letter of authorization and a copy of the corresponding identification and/or passport.

13.7 Aerobell Airlines does not transport dangerous goods or weapons.

13.8 All baggage is subject to the availability of space in the aircraft.

Article 14 – Lost or Damaged Baggage

14.1 If your baggage is damaged, lost or is not located on the assigned flight, Aerobell Airlines’ staff must be immediately notified before leaving the airport. In case of baggage loss or damage, the airline’s responsibility is subject to the Costa Rican Civil Aviation regulations, which establish a compensation of USD 9.07 per pound. Passengers are advised to purchase a third-party luggage insurance.

14.2 The company is not responsible for valuable objects (such as jewelry, antiques, important documents, portable computers, perishable goods, medicine, orthopedic devices, fragile items, money, certificates of value, checks, promissory notes, bills of exchange, liquor, blueprints, any kind of electronic equipment, vehicle keys, handcrafts, photographs, precious metals or stones, etc.) Whenever possible, this kind of items must be carried in the carry-on baggage in the cabin.

Passengers must always take their medicines in their carry-on baggage.

If the baggage damage is due to regular conditions no claims will be accepted, for example:

  • Small cuts, dents
  • Fragile items
  • Over-packed baggage
  • Loss of external locks or straps
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Baggage accepted after check-in
  • Baggage containing valuable goods
  • Umbrellas
  • Sport equipment or musical instruments
  • Baby equipment (strollers or car seats)
  • Wheels, handles and zippers
  • Improperly packed items

Article 15 – Sport or Fishing Equipment, Surf Boards and Pets.

15.1 Surf boards, golf and fishing equipment, bicycles and other such items are subject to the availability of space in the aircraft at the time of check-in at the airport. Due to the size of the aircraft, their transport on the flight may not be guaranteed;an additional USD $30.00 charge per trip will be applied to these items. Aerobell Airlines will not transport boards which are longer than 6.7 ft. or 2 m. The fee is USD$30.00 per flight. One surf board per case. If the passenger is traveling with more than one board in his/her case, he/she shall pay the fee for each one of them. Subject to available room.

15.2 Pets weighing less than 15 pounds and carried in the cabin must go in special kennels to travel in the plane. Any pets weighing more than 15 pounds must be transported in a safe and closed crate and will travel in the baggage compartment. The charge is USD$1.00 for each pound.

Article 16 – Delayed Baggage

16.1 Aerobell Airlines will make its best effort to transport baggage within a reasonable time frame and to the final destination stipulated in the ticket. If the company is transporting baggage by any other means other than air transport, the baggage will be delivered at the passenger’s final destination (up to an 8-km distance from the destination airport within 24 hours of arrival).

Article 17 – On Board Service

17.1 Aerobell Airlines operates short routes, with one-hour or shorter flights. Therefore, it does not provide on board service.

Article 18 – Children, Infants and Youngsters/Unaccompanied Minors

18.1 Aerobell Airlines does not allow the transport of unaccompanied minors. Children or any minor under the age of 18 must always travel with a companion over 18 years old. Aerobell Airlines does not offer specific or accompaniment services.

Article 19 – Special Medical Conditions

19.1 Viral infections: passengers suffering from these illnesses must refrain from traveling.

19.2 Asthma: passengers suffering from this condition may transport inhalers as long as they do not contain oxygen cylinders. Passengers suffering from chronic asthma or who have received oral steroid prescriptions will require medical certificates allowing them to travel.

19.3 Stretchers: the transport of stretchers is not allowed in any of our flights.

Article 20 – Pregnant Women

20.1 Only pregnant women who are between 28 and 34 weeks pregnant may travel on our flights,if the person has a medical certificate certifying that there is absolutely no life risk for the mother and the baby. Therefore,such documentation must be presented to our agents at the check-in counter to verify and assess each case. In case of not presenting it, or not notifying the airline of her state, the company will not be responsible for any situation that may arise.

Article 21 – Contagious Diseases

21.1 Passengers with any kind of acute contagious diseases will not be allowed to fly. The following are some diseases considered to be dangerous:

Rubella: passengers with this disease may only travel 4 days after the rash has disappeared.

Measles: passengers with this disease may only travel 7 days after the rash has disappeared.

Mumps: passengers with this disease may only travel after the inflammation has disappeared. This is normally after 7 days, but it could be after 14 days.

Chickenpox: passengers with this disease may only travel seven days after the last wheal has disappeared.

Passengers traveling with any of the diseases mentioned above or suffering from any chronic disease must present a medical certificate stating that they do not pose a risk to other passengers.

Article 22 – Transport of Human Remains

22.1 Aerobell Airlines does not transport human remains on any of its scheduled flights. Only cremations will be transported in a safe container, with a death certificate and a cremation certificate. Otherwise, any other type of container which does not comply with the above requirements may not be transported on board.

Article 23 – No Refund Policy

23.1 All of our rates are non-refundable.

23.2 According to the fare purchased, the following option is available:

▪ Super Saver:Non-refundable.

▪ Flexi Saver:Non-refundable. Credit is granted through a voucher, which must be used within a period of six months from issued date. Cancelation must be done 48 hours before departure time.

▪ Premium:Non-refundable. Credit is granted through a voucher, which must be used within a period of six months from issued date. Cancelation must be done 48 hours before departure time.

Passengers who do not comply with the check-in time and are No Show, automatically lose 100% of the ticket.

Article 24 – Refunds

24.1 No Refund:Aerobell Airlines tickets are non-refundable, however, exceptions will be made when a passenger is unable to use the ticket for the following reasons:

24.1.1 Death of the passenger, his/her spouse or a family member of the first degree of consanguinity (passenger’s parents, siblings, children), provided that a death certificate is presented.

24.1.2 In case of illness or accident of the passenger, his/her spouse or a family member of the first degree of consanguinity (passenger’s parents, siblings, children), provided a medical certificate is presented.

24.1.3 If we cancel a flight, do not carry it out in terms reasonable to the scheduled time or if we cease to operate a route, we will refund each segment shown in the Confirmation/Itinerary, but which has not been used for any of these reasons. The amount of the refund will be equal to the fare paid, plus any associated taxes, fees and surcharges paid.

Article 25 – Cancellations Due to Bad Weather and Factors Beyond Our Control

Aerobell Airlines is not responsible for the cancellation of flights due to bad weather or situations beyond our control. However, if passengers are traveling in a multiple-destination route (between two destinations other than San José or our alternate airport, Juan Santamaria) and bad weather prevents them from getting to their final destination, Aerobell Airlines will make its best effort to arrange their transport there.
Aerobell Airlines will cancel its flights one hour and a half after the original departure time of the flight when bad weather conditions are preventing the aircraft from departing Should this situation arise, passengers will be relocated in the following flight with availability or, if the passenger is unwilling to travel, a credit voucher may be issued for the sum of the reservation, which will be valid for one year as of the issuance date. Tickets will not be refunded due to flight cancellations because of bad weather.

Article 26 – Cancellations and Itinerary Changes

Changes in airline tickets must be contemplated in accordance with the following policies:

Super Saver: Changes are NOT allowed with this fare.

Flexi Saver: Changes are allowed if made 48 hours before departure, with an additional charge of US$40.00 per passenger, as long as the new flight date is no longer than 6 months forward. In case the new flight date does not have the same fare available, will apply a charge for the difference between the fares.

Premium: Changes are allowed if made 48 hours before departure, with an additional charge of US$20.00 per passenger, as long as the new flight date is no longer than 6 months forward.

The airline may change the itinerary, cancel, divert or delay any flights at any given time due to security reasons or factors out of our control which may justify doing so.

All tickets are non-refundable.

When a cancellation or an itinerary change is performed prior to the execution of the service, we will make a reasonable effort to notify such cancellation or change to the passenger.

Article 27 – Cancelled Flights Due to Extraordinary Circumstances

27.1 If the flight is canceled as a result of unavoidable extraordinary circumstances, such as air t traffic control, weather, volcanic ashes, security alerts, strikes, flight safety contingencies, closing of tracks or accidents, Aerobell Airlines will not be responsible for any compensation and will help the passenger to:

27.1.1 Reschedule the trip to the final destination on the following flight.

27.1.2 Reschedule the trip to the final destination on a date suitable for the passenger provided there is availability.

Article 28 – Passenger with International Connections

28.1 Aerobell Airlines is not responsible for missed connecting flights. Aerobell Airlines advices to purchase travel insurance. Taking the appropriate time to make the corresponding connections is the passenger’s responsibility, especially if these are international connections which require three hours for check-in.

Article 29 – Delayed Flights

29.1 If the passenger is notified of a more-than-three-hour delay as regards to the scheduled time and decides not to fly, the passenger may:

1. Change the reservation to any other flight of ours to the same destination to be used within the following 7 days, subject to availability.

2. Obtain a credit voucher for the sum paid for the flight, which may be used within the following 6 months after the date of the flight.

3. Both options may be requested by contacting a call center agent through the telephone n number (506) 4000-2030.

Article 30 – Refusal to Transport and/or Board

Passengers may be prevented from boarding or disembarking an airplane at any airport in the following cases:

30.1.1 Transporting the passenger or its baggage poses a risk to the safety of the aircraft, the crew or the passengers.

30.1.2 The passenger has mental issues which require the use of a strait jacket.

30.1.3 The passenger’s mental or physical state poses a risk to the safety of the aircraft, the crew or the passengers.

30.1.4 The passenger suffers from a contagious illness.

30.1.5 The passenger is under the effect of alcohol or drugs.

30.1.6 The passenger is transporting drugs.

30.1.7 Minors under the age of 18 traveling alone.

30.1.8 Prisoners without an escort.

30.1.9 Refusal by the passenger to be checked or let its baggage be checked by the security personnel.

30.1.10 Passengers with firearms who are unwilling to follow Aerobell Airlines’ rules for their transport.

30.1.11 Passengers not wearing shirt, shoes or who have a strong body odor which may be offensive to other passengers.

30.1.12 The passenger has ignored the instructions given by Aerobell Airlines’staff.

30.1.13 The passenger has used inappropriate language or threatened Aerobell Airlines’ staff.

30.1.14 The passenger has made a bomb threat.

30.1.15 The passenger has committed a felony during boarding or security check.

30.1.16 Passengers over 28 weeks pregnant, unless they present a medical certificate.

30.1.17 Passengers who have given birth less than 10 days before or infants under 10 days old.

30.1.18 Passengers who have had surgery less than 10 days before.

30.1.19 Passengers requiring supplementary oxygen, traveling with heart monitors or on a stretcher.

30.1.20 Passengers who are unable to sit with the seatbelt fastened and with the seat in an upright position.

Article 31 – Boarding Involuntarily Denied

In case of having to involuntarily deny one or more passengers from boarding an Aerobell Airlines flight due to operational or overbooking situations, our first option will be to look for passengers with complementary tickets. If there aren’t any, we will ask for volunteers and passengers will be able to use their tickets on the following flight and they will receive a credit voucher for 100% of the ticket purchased valid for one year. Should this happen in the last or only flight of the day, Aerobell Airlines will fully refund the ticket of the affected segment and the passenger will be given a ticket to board the first upcoming flight with availability.

Issued by:
Aerobell Airlines
Head Office
Hangar 17
Tobías Bolaños Palma International Airport
Pavas, San José, Costa Rica
Effective: Apr 24, 2019